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Neo Bomberman MVS

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Neo Bomberman MVS  Empty Neo Bomberman MVS

Message  ROMgamb Lun 25 Mai 2020 - 19:20

Bonjour, j'ai une petite question pour les connaisseurs de Neo Bomberman.
Le mode battle n'est jouable qu'à deux joueurs (normal jusque là) cependant lorsque l'on y joue on peut apercevoir les scores 3 et 4 en jeu et au moment des résultats.
Tout laisse donc à penser que l'on peut néanmoins faire un 1vs1vs1vs1 avec deux bots ?
Comment fait on ?
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Neo Bomberman MVS  Empty Re: Neo Bomberman MVS

Message  Ptchnk Mar 26 Mai 2020 - 19:32

Des éléments de réponse ICI

P3/P4 CPU Players are actually used if you play more than one battle round. You can hack them to be used earlier, but they will be introduced at that point regardless. It appears the HUD showing 3P/4P from the beginning yet not being used in attract or the first round was confusing people. I guess you could consider it to be poor HUD design, or poorly communicated.

There is _no_ code in the game to handle P3/P4 as Human players unfortunately. Attempting to add it in would require extensively hacking the game code, it isn't a switch that has been disabled.

I do now feel a bit like I wasted his time in asking (because nobody had ever even communicated that P3/P4 CPU players were introduced after you play a round against only one) but at least now we have a solid answer to give people.
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